I want to feel creative and autonomous in an interactive group setting.

I would only fit in a job that provides autonomy within a creative clockwork of team fellows, projects, approaches and frameworks. And my first impressions tell me that VI would be the next step to go. 

But my goals will always be your and our clients' goals.

I aspire to keep growing and growing within the UX/UI design field and my freelance experience kept telling me that the main way is to approach this as a service duty to the others, along with humility, responsability and constant learning. My clients/collaborators made me believe that user needs and metrics must always walk hand-in-hand in order for a product to work out.

I like to look out for my problem solutions.

There are a whole lot of ways to understand each problem and the same amount of resources nowadays to be used to solve them. Time and effectiveness will help me decide what’s the way to go out.

...but I am not too shy to ask for an extra hand.

That’s one of the perks of not working by myself and my experience deeply acknowledges that.

Rapport is key.

I tend to prepare 1 meeting to discuss a project with a client to define what & why and 1 online quiz to be addressed by him/her on order to align expectations, confirm project restrictions, etc. 

I believe that a really good onboarding is always part of a successful take off, and your VI Fundamentals made me believe this is the right job for me. That’s why I cared about preparing this for you.

Apart from rapport, empathy is a valuable tool.

The constant need to please others is something I use in my motivational side and something that demands to be worked on.

Some of my case studies

Thank you!

Glad to meet you.