This project prompt is to overhaul the current
Lovett Commercial website

This project prompt is to

overhaul the current Lovett Commercial website.

0.Early Research

1.1 The Brand.

Lovett Commercial is a Houston-based real estate development and investment company and are known for its involvement in various real estate projects, including the development of commercial, retail, and mixed-use properties. The company focuses on creating innovative and sustainable developments that contribute to the economic and cultural vitality of the communities in which they operate.

1.2 Corporative Values




1.2 Value Propositions

offers a diverse range of properties and services, catering to various needs and purposes within the real estate market, such as design, architecture, construction and real estate consulting.

specializes in neighborhood retail, urban redevelopment and large grocery anchored shopping centers.

Brief Competitive Audit

Factor #1 | In-State Direct Competitor.


Houston-based Midway is a privately owned real estate investment, development, and construction firm that has provided the highest level of quality, service and value to our clients and investors for more than 50 years.

1 | Incorporating videos or other interactive content on Lovett Commercial's website would be crucial for providing dynamic visual content that enhances property showcases, engages visitors, and effectively communicates the unique features and value propositions of their diverse real estate portfolio.

2 | Maintaining a blog or newsletter on Lovett Commercial's website would be essential for fostering ongoing engagement, establishing thought leadership, and keeping clients, investors, and stakeholders informed about industry trends, company updates, and valuable insights in the real estate market.

Brief Competitive Audit

Factor #2 | Direct Competitor Website with Technological Features


Vornado Realty Trust is a prominent and diversified real estate investment trust with a focus on prime commercial properties. Headquartered in New York City, the company holds a significant portfolio of office and retail spaces, strategically positioned in key urban markets.

1 | Incorporating content that vividly portrays vibrant communities is crucial for showcasing the positive impact of their developments, fostering a sense of connection, and effectively communicating the enriching lifestyle and communal atmosphere that their projects contribute to local areas.

2| Presenting immediate content featuring various projects is essential for offering visitors real-time insights into the company's diverse portfolio, fostering engagement, and providing a dynamic showcase of ongoing developments, reinforcing the company's commitment to innovation and transparency

3 | Incorporating social responsability proof is vital for reinforcing the company's commitment to environmental sustainability, showcasing responsible development practices, and building community trust by demonstrating a tangible dedication to minimizing environmental impact in real estate projects.

Brief Competitive Audit



A page loading without continuity in interaction can disrupt the user experience, causing confusion and frustration as users may not receive real-time feedback or engagement cues, leading to a less seamless and satisfying browsing experience.

Excessive color variety on a homepage can lead to visual clutter and cognitive overload, diminishing user experience by making it harder for visitors to focus on key elements, causing distraction, and potentially diluting the overall brand identity.

Small lettering on a homepage may hinder readability, causing strain for users and potentially leading to a less engaging and user-friendly experience.

A small menu icon may result in navigation challenges, as it could be easily overlooked or may lack clarity, potentially leading to user frustration in locating and accessing essential menu options.


User Personas

Persona 1

James Edelstein


  • Age: 45
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Business Manager.
  • Location: Dallas, Texas


James is an experienced retail professional who owns and manages a chain of stores specializing in home goods and electronics, who now looking to expand his presence in Dallas and enhance the overall shopping experience for his customers.


  1. Limited Available Spaces: James is highly frustrated with the scarcity of retail spaces that meet his chain shopping stores’ specific requirements, particularly those that offer strategic locations, ample space, and high visibility.

  2. Lack of Synergy: The absence of a cohesive and synergistic business environment is a significant frustration for James.

  3. Inadequate Foot Traffic: James is deeply frustrated when considering locations that do not promise sufficient foot traffic. 


  1. Expand the chain’s presence in Dallas with a strategically located and well-designed retail space
  2. Increase foot traffic and boost sales by being part of a high-traffic shopping center.
  3. Leverage the benefits of co-locating with other businesses, especially within a large grocery-anchored shopping center.

Persona 2

Karen Bennett


  • Age: 49
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: Economic Development Officer at the Texas State Government
  • Location: Fort Worth, Texas


Karen is a seasoned economic development professional working for the Texas State Government. With a focus on fostering economic growth and innovation in Fort Worth, she is tasked with developing initiatives that attract businesses, support entrepreneurship, and contribute to the overall prosperity of the region.


  1. Regulatory Complexities: Navigating through zoning regulations, legal requirements, and regulatory hurdles poses a significant frustration for Karen.

  2. Community Alignment: Gaining widespread local support and aligning the startup hub’s development with diverse community interests is a major challenge.

  3. Limited Resources: Securing sufficient funding and resources for the startup hub, amidst budget constraints and competing economic development priorities.


  1. Spearhead the establishment of a startup hub in Fort Worth to boost the local economy and create a thriving ecosystem for innovation.                           
  2. Align the development of the startup hub with broader state economic development goals and initiatives.                 
  3. Collaborate with a well reputated real estate partner to ensure the successful planning and execution of the startup hub.

2. Ideation

1. How might we?

How might we improve social proof for users who need a better experience and interaction in order to increase brand awareness through its website?

We might feature Virtual Tours to improve social proof, promote a better user experience and interaction in order to increase brand awareness and boost global reputation.

We might incorporate 1) vertical scroll to easily access project portfolio, and 2) horizontal scroll to access all the company's info.

3. Define

1. HOMEPAGE Navigation

By incorporating 1) more social proof into Lovett Commercial’s portfolio homepage, the company can strengthen credibility and showcase a proven track record, and 2) virtual tours of upcoming projects provides an interactive preview of future developments.

3. Define


By incorporating 1) vertical scroll into Lovett Commercial’s portfolio homepage, the user can easily access project virtual tours, and 2) horizontal scroll the user may access all the company’s info.

1. UI Guidelines


For expressing a focus on vibrant communities it was considered to incorporate warm and lively  colors that convey a sense of energy, community warmth, and vibrancy.

Screen White

  • Screen Background

Screen Black

  • Timelessness
  • Modern
  • Sophistication

Contrast White

  • Neutral Highlighting

Light Taupé

  • Trustworthiness
  • Sophistication
  • Versatility

Royal Blue

  • Professionalism
  • Trust and Stability
  • Elegance/Refinement

Warm Orange

  • Energy and Enthusiasm
  • Construction
  • Innovation
  • Warmth/Approachability

Background ii
logo II




4. Design

2. Homepage Hi-Fi Prototype


4. Design

2. Homepage Hi-Fi Prototype


vertical scroll nº1


vertical scroll nº2


5. Accessibility

Finger Design

The design for the left hand thumb interaction was considered, easing the experience for the left-handed and for situational touch (ex: broken right arm)

Contrast Display

In order to organize the multiple static and sticky elements, a #F5F5F5 background colour was joint with three additional contrast colours.

Permanent & Situational Mobility

The essence of this project aims primarly to access virtually properties through a device.

Gestalt Principles

Similarity, continuation, closure, proximity, figure/ground, and symmetry & order were considered.

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