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Hello, Carlos!

I’ve prepared this online assessment in order to make a recruitment process more simple (and hopefully more effective!) – this way you get to know me better and I get to know infraspeak better.

I’ve prepared exported deliverables (find them on the right side menu) so you can add them to my recruitment process.

Why I am looking for a new challenge?

I’ve been wanting a transition from freelancing to a full-time role, driven by the opportunity to collaborate on more impactful projects and to expand my professional network within a team environment. And I feel that Infraspeak would be a good company where I would fit in.

The opportunity to contribute to larger-scale, market-shaping products while benefiting from a clear path for career advancement aligns perfectly with my current career aspirations. Additionally, I am enthusiastic about an opportunity of enhancing my reputation and credibility by working with Infraspeak.

When could I start a new assignment?

I am now finishing the design/development of some ongoing projects and I should be available in 2-4 weeks.

What are my motivations to join you?

During these years as an autonomous UX/UI, Web and Service Designer, I helped small scaled brands and their products – startups, a non governmental organization and small businesses. Now, I am positive about seeing Infraspeak as the next step to go, due your startup and remote free environment.

What makes me the right person to join you?

Due my experience with small scaled companies, I believe that a product should be both business & user oriented – having me defined clear tactics and processes to be followed to ensure the success of business metrics through user needs.

Apart from this, I feel my freelancer activity made me a resourceful, creative and an autonomous individual and my background in architecture allowed my to be a responsible and team-oriented fragment to any team.

How proficient am I in English?

I am between a B2 and C2 english proficient, in terms of spoken, written and understood language.

My main case studies.

Are you looking for case studies from a specific business area?
I’ve worked with many companies and individuals!
Mail me for more case studies.