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to marco sousa

Hello, francisco!

I’ve prepared this online assessment in order to make a possible recruitment process more simple (and hopefully more effective!) – this way you get to know me better and I get to know bnp paribas better.

I know your job is not easy so I prepared exported deliverables (find them on the right side menu) so you can add them to my recruitment process.

Why am I looking for a new challenge?

I wish to merge my two passions: UX/UI design and business design. As a freelancer that has experience on working with small scaled companies, i want to work with larger projects with larger aspirations in order to merge these two passions and to become the best designer I can.

When could I start a new assignment?

I am now finishing the development of a web e-commerce store and I should be available in 2-4 weeks.

What are my motivations to join you?

I want to dedicate my working time to a company that advocates hybrid work and happiness amongst users and employees. And I reached the conclusion that team.it should be the next step to go!

What makes me the right person to join you?

I am imaginative and I love to try out-of-the-box approches embed in the most varied project restrictions and user needs. Besides that, I am a good time manager and I love to embrace new challenges.

How proficient am I in English?

I am between a B2 and C2 english proficient, in terms of spoken, written and understood language. 

What technologies/tools/frameworks do I master?

In most of my web designs, I use WordPress with Elementor or Gutenberg page builders, depending of each project requirements. In some more projects that require advanced interactions or other developers, I also use Figma to export my pages and to test interactions.

Regarding graphic content production, I am deeply proficient in Illustrator and Photoshop.

What are my expectations in terms of salary?

Taking into account the vacancy and what I can bring to the team, I feel 1500€ gross salary per month is a fair amount.  

My main case studies.

Are you looking for case studies from a specific business area?
I’ve worked with many companies and individuals!
Mail me
for more case studies.